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Girls’ Course

Session Topics:

  1. Group-Forming and Introductions
  2. Identity
  3. Further Exploration of Identity
  4. Friendships and Peer Pressure
  5. Beauty and Self-Image
  6. Anger and handling Difficult Feelings
  7. Partner Relationships, Love and Sex*
  8. Community
  9. Review, Hopes and Dreams


*Some schools opt out of this session, especially if some of the girls have been withdrawn from SRE at the request of their parents.

We try to address the most relevant issues facing teenage girls currently, such as friendships, peer pressure, beauty & self-image, partner relationships, hopes and dreams for the future etc.

There is deliberately far more content in the sessions than we expect to get through, so there is plenty of scope to choose material best suited to a particular group and respond to their needs/interests as the session progresses.


It has been such a positive group, really enjoyed it, pleased to see all the young people are getting from it and am aware that being involved in the groups has helped me make positive changes to the way I work in school


A Secondary School, Bristol

I’ve learned how to stand up for myself, and how to work things out.


A Secondary School, Bristol

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