Hope for young people

overcoming challenges, making positive life choices and fulfilling potential

100 children took part in Hope’s Place courses between September and December 2016, and a similar number are involved in courses running during January to April 2017.

Hope’s Place has developed an evaluation system based on a set of 14 questions each with answers on a ten-point scale given to young people at the start and at the end of our courses. These questions are based on themes of positive relationships, emotional intelligence, confidence and self-image and were set to all the girls taking one of our courses in 2015. The results showed a pleasing and statistically significant improvement of around 1 point per question, or 11.4 points per girl. in 2016 we were delighted that this figure increased to 14.0. We are in the process of developing a similar system for our work with boys, and we will be gathering the corresponding data for 2017.

What cannot be measured so easily are the personal responses to the courses, by pupils and teaching staff.

“We did have disclosures during that session, which is so positive. It shows that trust is present and the group feels like a safe place. It is also great safeguarding practice. I believe some of the things that have been shared during the course of the group work would not have been shared otherwise.”

“By giving the girls the tools to boost their resilience and confidence I believe they will get more from school – academically and socially. Happier, more confident students can only be a bonus for any school!”

“The group were very engaged at all times. They looked forward to attending every week and were sad for it to end.”

“We can express ourselves. I can open up and not be judged.”

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