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    Amazingly, the work of Hope’s Place has continued in person during the academic year 20/21, and courses are currently running during the Autumn term in Primary and Secondary schools around the Bristol area. This has involved some extensive rearrangement of courses and styles of delivery, and not a little patient undergoing of vaccinations by our facilitators. Great credit is due to them for the Charity being able to deliver in a COVID-aware style.

    Hope’s Place has also continued its evaluation of the impact of courses, based on a set of questions answered by the boys and girls at the start and end of the courses. Each question measures an attitude based on a ten-point scale, covering such issues as positive relationships, emotional intelligence, resilience and self-image. Improvements in such attitudes are difficult to measure and schoolchildren are liable to make quite fluctuating self-assessments, but a general trend does emerge. The girls showed a statistically significant average improvement of 22.1 points, while improvement per boy, though less marked, at 9.2 on average, was similarly significant.

    What cannot be measured so easily are the personal responses to the courses, made by pupils and teaching staff. The effect on troubled pupils has frequently raised teachers’ comments

    ‘Girls enjoyed the sessions, really consistent in good content, punctuality etc. Girls learnt a lot’

    ‘Good material – always challenging the lies girls are told!’

    ‘I think they all really enjoyed being part of the group and feel more confident in their views because of it’

    ‘I have noticed increased knowledge of issues around self-confidence.’

    Meanwhile pupils have said about their courses:

    “In the 10 weeks we learnt about relationships. My favourite week was the stereotype week because it showed you not to judge people.”

    “I enjoyed this intervention as we talked about lots of important things.”

    “I’ve been more confident in talking about my feelings which is hard for us blokes.”

    ‘’It has been amazing. It has helped a lot and I feel I can be myself more.’’ 

    ‘’Amazing, super, fun, fabulous.’’ 

    “It’s taught me that a man makes his own choices and isn’t told what to do by his mates.”

     ‘’Fun and very emotional because I’ve felt like I connected with everyone.’’ 

    “I enjoyed that everyone respects each other and doesn’t judge anyone.’’ 

    ‘’I have learned that I am not alone that other people have the same thoughts as me.’’ 



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