Hope for young people

overcoming challenges, making positive life choices and fulfilling potential


To instill HOPE and inspire young people to overcome the ever-changing challenges they face and make life enhancing choices by fostering resilience so enabling them to reach their full potential, to make positive life choices and to take their PLACE in their school, community and the wider world.

Our MISSION through our courses:

to raise self-esteem and encourage resilience and in so doing help young people overcome challenges, raise aspirations, make positive life choices and thus begin to fulfil their potential.


We believe:

  • That no person or situation is without HOPE
  • That all individuals are equal, unique and valuable and that difference should be celebrated
  • That resilience is key and can be developed
  • That healthy and positive relationships are essential
  • That with greater confidence young people are inspired to take their rightful PLACE in the world/society/community and fulfil their potential
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